Ahmad Mechanical Production Pvt. ltd.


High Volume precision Machining

Ahmad Mechanical Production manufacture machined parts from a single item to high volume production work and also prototypes. We use the latest CAD/CAM software to quickly create programs for our machines using your drawings or solid model files. We work with a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including titanium, nickel alloys, copper alloys, and also plastics. Providing an efficient, high quality, cost-effective service from design to delivery ensuring that your needs are fully met, with prompt delivery to the agreed timescale.

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Forging plays key roles in today’s modern mass production facilities. Ahmad Mechanical Production provides forging innovation from concept to bulk production. Through our vast experience in the foreign and domestic forging markets. Ahmad Mechanical Production has successfully maintained a reputation for producing bulks for automotive. Our quality controlled product made the Ahmad Mechanical Production forging premises the valuable and economical forging supplier it is today.

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Injection Molding

Our technical capability in precision plastic injection molding, from one single process and in one shot, create a product or part that is repeatable, accurate, and cost-effective with the desired function, and correct surface finish. Most products in our world today, items specifically for the automotive industry (air cleaners, meter assembly parts, single end-face seals, dual end face seals, clamps, coupler and many other plastic parts with Zytel (customize material) polystyrene (PS), – polypropylene (PP), – ABS, etc.) are precision plastic injection molded, and almost 85 % of our products belong to the automotive industry.

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Our Company is a recognized die casting manufacturer in Pakistan. Benefit from high-end customer support. We have the international standard requirement mainly focused on automotive parts also in medical equipment’s parts and electronics parts. Our team members’ technical and management expertise has accomplished many automotive projects’ ideas into bulk production with very tight tolerances. We use modern technology machines also equipped with quality assured and quality controlled methods to make every batch/item customer satisfied. Our management methods keep shipment very traceable and at customers’ doorstep.

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Die Casting

Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Sheet metal fabrication is a powerful service to form fast steel prototypes from sheets of metal. Our company has a complete range of capacities to handle sheet metals. The company’s capabilities include design/engineering support, punching and forming, cutting, bending, welding, as well as general processes, tapping, counterboring and counter tapping, perforating, assembly, finishing, packaging, and fulfillment. For sheet metal manufacturing our clienteles are automotive OEMs, their vendors, and point of purchase display design houses primarily. Our production pursues bulk orders principally. For each part, we assure the quality by making quality gauges up to customer needs. Customize products are also welcome as we’ve been manufacturing for various clientele.

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