Ahmad Mechanical Production Pvt. ltd.

About Us

“You may find bigger than us but you won’t find better than us.”



Ahmad Mechanical Production Pvt Ltd.

Our main services cover CNC milling, CNC turning, wire EDM, ID / OD grinding and CNC drilling, bending, press die punching, forging, injection molding & die casting in bulk production. Once the prototype is finalized. We specialized in solid experience in many industries, such as automotive, medical equipment, communication, electronics, plastic mold, mechanical machinery and sports products etc. with required quality surface finish. We also specialized in design/drawing and customize material conclusive products.
We also deal in bulk quantity trading with client’s specific material composition and contour / drawing.

Why Trust Us?

Customers’ trust is what we value above everything else. We want to be a reliable product manufacturer / service for everyone, and our team knows that your trust is a reward for the excellent job. To win this reward, we provide high-quality products and care about every customer. Unlike many other companies, we don’t promise you what we can’t do. We know what it means to be guided by the highest standards, so we promise you what our company can do.

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